It’s been a long time since I was last able to blog about this, or even speak about it publicly. The background is covered in the first post. You may want to read it first, here. To date, this blog has had 186,095 views. The case has been discontinued. Here’s the notice. Simon M. Smith filed this 43 hours […]

Here’s something weird that happened to me. Please bear with me, it’s a long story, but hopefully one that will stand many of you in good stead should you encounter an internet stalker like Jenny Frankfurt. “Matthew” In February of this year, I acquired a new follower on Twitter. His name was Matthew Spitz. Private […]

For those interested in restaurants, it has been an unedifying week on Twitter. Claude Bosi, chef patron of Hibiscus, took issue with a review posted by James Isherwood, an unknown food blogger, for posting a middling review of his meal. Some other chefs then piled on and Isherwood deactivated his Twitter account. There’s very little […]